PAX West '24 Content Submission Form

Thanks for your interest in submitting content to PAX West 2024! PAX West will take place Friday, August 30 - Monday, September 2 in Seattle, Washington. The content submissions deadline is Monday, June 3 at 9:00am ET.

If you have any questions about the content submission process, please email [email protected].

We're looking for content submissions that talk about every aspect of gaming; from gaming culture, to game development, to the games industry itself and everything in between - games shows, speed runs, etc! PAX is accepting content submission in 2 formats:
1. Panels: Each panel will be scheduled to run 60 minutes in length. The room will be setup in the traditional theatre style - with a stage with tables and chairs for the panelists at the front of the room, and rows of chairs for the attendee audience. Each panel room will also be equipped with table mics, at least 1 Q&A mic, a sound system, and an HDMI-compatible projector.

2. Workshops: Professional workshop submissions will be 90 minutes in length and usually (but not always) scheduled on Friday. Each workshop room will come with the same equipment as a panel room: a stage with tables and chairs for panelists, table mics, at least 1 Q&A mic, a sound system, and an HDMI-compatible projector. However, attendees will be seated at round tables to facilitate group learning and collaboration.

Here are a few things to to keep in mind when creating your content submission:
*Be passionate about your topic!
*Have a unique, detailed perspective. Tell us your vision! (there's extra space below if it doesn't fit in the panel description box).
*Have a diverse group of panelists. Seen someone on another panel and want to work with them? Check your moots - you might have a connection!
*Invite energetic panelists who are experts in their respective fields.
*Have a plan for your presentation. Want to talk about chickens in RPGs? Been there, popular talk. Give us an idea what you're going to say about it.
Content Rating

PAX has always had an “Everyone” rating and a 13+ rating. This PAX, we’re implementing a new rating: 17+. The ratings are further explained below:

Everyone: You have no concerns about the content of your panel being appropriate for any crowd at the show. Most PAX content falls within this rating.

13+: Use of the F-word as an exclamation, and other regular profanity, somewhat sparingly. It can also be warranted by: graphic violence, in-depth discussions of violence, and/or NSFW sexual content in the form of gameplay footage or other media.

*17+: Content will typically feature fairly in-depth discussions and/or imagery involving graphic sex and/or violence, blood, and gore. This is including, but not limited to certain types of horrific acts and self-harm. If you aren't comfortable presenting your content to a room of thirteen year olds, if you don't want to have THAT convo with teenagers, then your panel warrants this rating.

*Content with a rating of 17+ will be scheduled late at night; as such, there are limited spots for content warranting this rating.
If you're new to submitting content to PAX (or just need a refresher), here's a sample content submission!

Title: Analog Games with Digital Platforms

Content Description: Recent years have shown a Renaissance of tabletop gaming, something noticed by the video game industry. Obvious examples are games like Settlers of Catan on Xbox or Ticket to Ride on iOS, but this trend goes far beyond just strong ports of great games.
There's all sorts of ways your electronic devices can enhance your board game experience, and more tools come out seemingly every day. Whether you want to play a transcontinental game of Dungeons+Dragons, or just take some of the complexities out of modern board games, our panel of longtime gamers will go through some of the best tools available to level up your board game night and make the most of all resources available.

Before submitting members of the panel, make sure all of your panelists are 80% interested in taking part. Look, we know things happen, but they should at least be aware (1) that you're submitting a panel with their name as a panelist and (2) of the dates of the event. Upon acceptance, Panelists' names and information will be resubmitted via the Panelist Registration Form - and updates can be submitted then as well.

We recommend no more than six panelists including the moderator. More than six, and the discussion can get confusing and each panelists might not have enough time to speak.

Accessibility, Tech, and other Special Requests

Both workshop and panel rooms will be equipped with the following: a stage with tables, chairs, and table mics for presenters, at least 1 Q&A mic, speakers, and an HDMI-compatible projector. The only difference in setup is that panels come with traditional theatre seating, while workshop seating features round tables to facilitate group learning and collaboration.

If accepted, PAX will notify you as to whether or not they are able to accommodate these requests.

PLEASE NOTE: PAX does not provide internet for any presentation.
Safety, Security, and Wellness

The Rules of PAX can be found here: with further explanation and legal Terms of Service available here: