MCM x EGX London October 2024 - Content Application Form

Applicants will hear back by 6 September 2024.


We're looking for fun, original and creative sessions about pop culture and video games - if you think you've got what it takes, apply now to host a panel, performance, screening, or workshop at the shows!

When you’re putting together your panelists, keep in mind that we value fresh voices and diverse perspectives. Panel applications are not first-come, first-served. Take the time to submit your Panel Application. Make sure your submission is unique and well thought out! Please keep in mind we highly value diversity of panelist and viewpoints.

Questions can be directed to [email protected] with MCM or EGX in the subject line.


  • Please be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK Folder for any communication from MCM, EGX, ReedPop or RXGlobal.
  • Email is the primary communication method between the Panel Organiser and ReedPop.
  • Submitting a Panel does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Session stages and show areas come with standard AV setup of microphones, TV screen or projector screen. More information about AV setup will be provided to approved panels.
  • Complimentary badges are given to Panellists who don't already have another type of badge (Exhibitor, Artist Alley, Creator, etc.,) up to six per panel, including the moderator.
  • Panels typically contain a maximum (5) five Panellists and (1) Moderator.
  • ReedPop does not supply Moderators, unless it has been discussed on a case-by-case basis with the Content Team.
  • Approved Panels receive up to (6) six Speaker Badges, and Performances receive up to (10) ten Speaker Badges.
  • ReedPop does not pay for Panellist accommodation, travel, meals, etc.
  • Panels may be livestreamed and/or recorded for ReedPop purposes only.
  • ReedPop will schedule your session based on availability and needs of the show. Panellists do not get to choose what day or time they present. Time and date preferences will be taken into account, but scheduling will be at ReedPop’s sole discretion.
Please be advised that panel schedules may change. Organisers will be notified of required schedule changes.
Accepted sessions will abide by the necessary safety precautions as provided by ReedPop and ExCeL London. For more information on safety procedures, please visit here.

All About You:

Self-identification is important, and we understand that that we each have our own understanding of the words used to describe our own experiences. So that we can best honour your identity and experience, please describe how you identify below. This information will be used to help us build a programme that is inclusive and representative of MCM's and EGX's diverse audience.

Only the ReedPop Content Team will have access to this information and your responses will be kept private and secure; the information will not be used for a discriminatory purpose. This information is not mandatory and will not impact your chances of being selected to take part.

About Your Application:

Please be as thorough as possible with the information you provide! We want to know why we should choose you to participate on stage at MCM X EGX this October. Please be aware, we value representative panel submissions i.e. a balanced fandom debate between 5x panellists > 1x panellist ranting about a topic for 40 mins.

What makes your session unique?

What will fans enjoy about it?

What do you need from us to help you facilitate this?

Who is taking part?

For panels, we suggest no more than 6 panellists, and no more than 10 performers for musical ensembles and dance groups. If successful, we are able to provide complimentary passes to the show for the day of your session for as many people as listed here, up to the maximum number previously mentioned. You are welcome to have more people join you on stage if viable, however these passes will need to be purchased in the usual way.

Please make sure you have permission from all panellists before putting their names forward.

Doing a performance and don't have your group locked in yet? No worries, you can submit these at a later date.

"On the day" requirements:

Stages and show areas will be equipped with microphones and screens as standard. If you have a presentation or backing music, you'll need to bring this with you on a USB on the day.

We cannot supply backline or drums for a live band. Any specific instruments or kit required, will need to be brought with you. Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Marketing Information:

If your application is successful, we want to shout about it! Please complete the below fields so we can add you to our announcement schedule and web listings as soon as possible.

Well done for getting this far! Now, just answer some final questions and hit that submit button! Please note you will NOT get a copy of your responses, so if you would like them for reference, please take a screenshot or copy and paste NOW.

Please re-read your submission and confirm all the above information is correct and suitably impressive. All good? Then tick a few more boxes and click submit! All boxes below must be checked. Any questions or concerns? Please contact [email protected].

ReedPop's mission is to create fun, welcoming, awesome events where fans of all kinds can come together and celebrate in an environment where EVERYONE is safe and accepted. Like everyone else at the show, ReedPop's event speakers are subject to our harassment policy not only as fans, but also during event presentations. Per the policy, this includes the prohibition of offensive verbal comments in relation to, but not limited to, race, gender, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, age and appearance. If you feel your personal beliefs will prevent you from adhering to our policy, do not submit an application.
I acknowledge that my programming submission will be reviewed by ReedPop staff and consultants. ReedPop would like to keep you informed about related events and services. If you do not wish to receive such information or to change your communication preferences visit at any time.